Q:  What is dustless blasting?
A:  Dustless Blasting is a form of ‘Media Blasting’ used to eliminate paint, grime, rust, etc, without the harmful plumes of dust associated with other forms of media blasting.

Q:  Will it harm the surface?
A:  No it will not, not unless it was damaged prior to blasting.

Q:  If the surface is bare, won’t it rust?
A:  Yes, But we use a rust inhibitor called ‘Hold Blast’ to prevent ‘Flash Rusting’ for 72 hours in dry conditions. This rust inhibitor is approved by all paint manufacturers and is paint ready anytime after the stripping has been completed. How this product works is that it removes and eliminates all oils, contaimenants & debris during the stripping process leaving the surface clean and contaminent-free. It is not recommended that you wash the surface area after stripping as this will immediately cause flash rusting. It is best to have the project primed as soon as possible. We also provide priming using a “direct to metal primer” to eliminate any worries.

Q: Will this etch the surface area for paint bonding?
A: Yes. While not as aggressive as other methods, the Dustless Blaster will not only clean or remove paint, but will etch the surface area allowing excellent adhesion of primer or sealer.

Q: Do you travel or do we have to bring our project to you?
A: At the moment we are strictly mobile, which means we travel to your home or site (within a 50 mile radius of Tyler, TX) to perform all works. Bringing your project to someone will not only increase down-time, but will also increase your expenses for transportation and additional hours spent doing so.

Q:  After you power wash or blast my wood deck or fence, Will you seal or paint it?
A:  No, We unfortunately do not provide the service.

Q:  Will the Dustless Blaster damage chrome and glass?
A:  Glass and chrome can be damaged by any kind of abrasive blasting. We will take precautions to mask off those areas prior to blasting.

Q:  How much will it cost for your services?
A:  Every job is unique and presents a different set of challenges. For the most accurate quote contact us through this website or call us directly.

Q: Can you use other media?
A: Our machine is capable of using virtually any media you desire. However, pricing may vary depending on the media.

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